Standard Delivery Terms, please specify if other terms are preferred:

Turnaround time: 48 hours or less. Files are transferred via email services such as WeTransfer and YouSendit, or Dropbox.

Format: WAV 16/48 mono, no mastering.

One-run: the recorded text is delivered as a single continuous soundfile.

Clean-cut: the text is recorded and delivered according to script. Pops & clicks are edited out.

Minor corrections (misprounonced words, product names and similar) are free of charge.


Quality reputation is based on delivering quality products and ensuring optimal customer benefit.

Petra’s ultimate aim is that you and your client are happy with the product. Do not hesitate to call back if the result is not up to your expectations.

Payment terms:

Payment is due 15 days from invoice date.

International payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

Full transaction information is on the invoice, sent after completion.

Cheques are not accepted. 


Any material and information given in an assignment is considered confidential.

However, unless otherwise is agreed, Petra Vermeulen retains the right to use a neutral sample of the recording for shameless self-marketing purposes.

Additional services at hourly rates include:

Cut-up: original one-run file is cut up into small individual parts, individually labelled according to script nomenclature.

Re-recording due to manuscript changes or amendments called for by the client is considered a new assignment.

Script adaptation.

Linguistic corrections, translation, proofreading (for projects involving either of these services, administration fee is added and included in a specific project estimate).


A Dutch native speaker, Petra is a kind of European hybrid. She was born and raised in the Netherlands, lived in Germany, and now in France.

Petra's experience and love for languages have allowed her to develop a surprising fluency in English, French and German.

Her professional background ranges from a millionaire's PA to product safety data specialist, from finance executive to after sales agent, and from english teacher to voice-over talent….

Not to mention the most challenging job, parent.

Yes, Petra is versatile, and adaptable.

A personality with depth and resources to deliver your message the way you want it.